Saturday, 16 March 2013

Changing Visions to Value

Almost everything in our lives was started by visions. This also applied in starting a company. This is why companies are likely to have visions as the foundation on how would they actually draw the pattern of their mission in reaching the vision itself. By this understanding, I have come to one comprehension that visions have become 'the heart and soul' of a company, the spirit of the institution that actually give the very reason of why they deliver things to the surrounding and the community.

This is why it is very important for us to know that to actually accepted and be a part of something, attached and blended to it need the very reason of "WHY" that understood to be the "Value" of our existence.

But then again, changing visions to value needs sharped and aimed analyses. The essence of making people to see what's in your brand is to build the value of their connection with your brand instead of just being seen. This is when the "WHY" of your brand or company's existence is essentially important, and the attachment by the effort will definitely create something powerful that most of us recognized as "LOYALTY".

So, it settled then...
Loyalty is built by value and it certainly maintained by quality and an after sales close approach, not by entering the battle field of price. It is important to keep the competition healthy and balanced, consider it as your way to maintain the sustainability of your own company and the interests of those who are involved in building the company too; not just the share holders or the board of directors, your employee and their family are also an important element to be considered as one of the essential participant in building your value.

A growing company and a strong brand doesn't built by an easy effort, building brand requires various strategies for different aspects to fit plural conditions and market segment. And the effort certainly needs more faith to give rather than surrender to the hands of 'Luck' . Circumstances can be such a yucky thing, but instead, it can be the best mentor in being the greatest instead of a regular 'Best One".

By that, the essential meaning of being the great one is not just about services and quality deliverance. Far beyond that, what we can attach as the great thing that we might provide with a great deal of effort in it will create a greater impact in value. The parameter is quite unmeasurable, but then again, something unmeasurable is greater in value and likely to be more memorable to our customers and partners.

Social Media plays a very important role in this part, our contribution to social issues and care about what actually occurring in the community might be the best strategy in delivering our services.

Connecting the needs with what we have and put more value into it is far more effective rather than expensive and highly cost campaign. Founded by why do we invent our product, why do we care and this also has become the reason of why we put our best effort in inventing more, connects it with the community will driven more reasons on why do we do this or that will also certainly create a more solid and stronger value.

Simple things are great and great things are simple. The idea of technology itself has driven us to simplicity and effectiveness. Build a more idea-based solution campaign team with ability to make the best out of social and current issues. Create a forum where people can actually find solutions to simple things in life in between your campaign can create a loyal attitude to your customer.

It's not just about making people to buy, but how to make them to keep on coming back for more is a successful marketing strategy. By building community awareness, social responsive discussions and be the the advisor of people's way of creating their mindset in facing things in life are some of the ideas in building value through loyalty program. When we are loyal to share and inspire, the additional value to our services will also attached to whatever we're selling to the market.

I'm amazed by the fact that some of my friends are addicted to read my Facebook, Twitter, Path or my other social media accounts. The public has this certain hunger in finding the way out from their crazy and hectic daily lives. Reading how certain people face and react upon things in life definitely attract other people in an wondrously powerful way.

Go there!
Enter that market!
Make the best of public's thirst of what most people think as gossip in a positive way. The worst situation can be a solution to other people, as long as we deliver it in a positive and uplifting way. Avoid judgments and negative opinions or reaction in all of the issues that we're about to pull to the surface.

Create different idea-based solutions for different issues have a powerful impact to an end to end marketing approach. There's a loyal connection in between addiction, this is the thing that actually empower your effort in changing visions into value. Give it a try, I bet you'll find lots of fun in the process

March 15th, 2013
Lisa F Sitompul

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